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HFE Dinner Series - Iberian Coast

Iberian Coast

Join us for a spectacular dining experience with an Iberian Coast cuisine-inspired menu by our Chef Aislinn McManigal-Quintana and a performance by flamenco dancer Laura Onizuka and flamenco fusion guitar music. Each dinner will include reception wine and a passed app, followed by a seated coursed dinner with paired wines. Tickets are $275 per person / $250 club. Club Only Priority Access Tickets available.

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Laura Onizuka is the founder and owner of Experience Flamenco. She has become a conduit of flamenco in the Pacific Northwest organizing classes, workshops, and events for the community. She organizes yearly flamenco tours to Spain where students from all over the world join her to experience flamenco in its birthplace. She loves sharing her love of flamenco in Spain with others while furthering her study of this complex art form. Laura has performed with such renowned artists as Latin Grammy-winning flamenco guitarist, Antonio Rey, Ricardo López, Manuel Gutierrez, Nat Hulskamp, and Lamiae Naki of Seffarine. Laura is fueled by the challenge and beauty of flamenco. She believes anyone who is moved by flamenco can access it.

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Flamenco jazz fusion guitarist, Toshi Onizuka, is known for his keen improvisational skills and distinctive sound that uniquely combines flat picking with dynamic percussive sounds made on the surface of his guitar. Originally from Tokyo, Toshi moved to Spain in 1993, immersing himself in the Spanish music scene. He spent two of those years performing and touring with the internationally acclaimed Flamenco fusion group, Pata Negra. Toshi now resides in Portland, Oregon where he performs nightly.