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LuAnn Ostergaard Art Residency

Lu Ann Ostergaard Headshot 2023 800 px

About LuAnn Ostergaard:

As a native of Kennewick, and a professional artist selling her work for 30 years, LuAnn's creative spirit is awakened by the astounding beauty of this area of shrub-steppe and rolling hills dotted with world-class vineyards.

She enjoys capturing digital images of all manner of subjects, from local landscapes to oxidized and weathered surfaces, rusty metal to naturally occurring patterns in nature and creates abstract and representational artwork.

Her creative process involves using these digital images. She may combine any or all of these to achieve the desired result for her unique and artful compositions.

In the studio, she employs a large format printer using pigment inks on archival paper. She personally prints her desired image or images. The print is then mounted to a custom-made box mount she personally builds.

The surface of the mounted artwork is then hand-textured with a medium that creates the look of brushstrokes. With this process, the finished piece resembles a painting ... In essence, it is a painting, as she 'paints' with captured light photons in her digital images to create a stunning art piece!

LuAnn is honored to share her artwork with the world, having sold her artwork in over 250 cities and 7 countries.

Look for her work in fine art galleries around the Pacific Northwest, from Lincoln City, Oregon to Coeur d' Alene, Idaho to Joseph, Oregon.

To see more of her fine work, go to