What is natural wine and does 'natural' mean that it's healthier?

If you ever imbibe, you may have heard the latest buzzword: Natural wine.

And you may have wondered: Isn't all wine technically natural? Here's the answer to that question, and a few more questions you might have about the newest trend for wine enthusiasts:

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American Wine Trade, Inc. - the USA Best Red Wine Winery 2018 - Benton County

The Food & Drink Awards reveals the best establishments offering sumptuous cuisine from across the globe. From artisan kitchens to innovative street cuisine, and gourmet restaurants to gastro pubs, we are looking for the individuals and enterprises who offer outstanding gastronomic delicacies.

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Weekend Wine Countdown to the holidays: red wines

Hedges Family Estate operates in the wild west winemaking region of Washington known as Red Mountain.

Keep those two words – Red Mountain – in mind when you're thinking about buying a great bottle of American wine. The AVA is uniquely suited to show the abilities of American winemakers to compete with their cohorts in Bordeaux.

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2015 HEDGES CMS (COLUMBIA VALLEY; $14) “The Hedges family’s wines are as good
 as ever. This blend
 of Cab, Merlot, and Syrah is all dark plums and firm grip.”

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Looking for Underrated Cabernet? Try Washington State

Cabernet Sauvignon has firmly planted itself as the premiere grape of Washington. Here are the wines to know. Read

The Pioneering Family-Run Wineries of Washington

Washington State may be a fairly new wine-producing region, but several of its wineries have generations of history. Here are a few pioneers who put the state's wines on the map with their high-quality bottlings. Click here to read the article

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