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A New Hire

Kimberly 1 Of 1

You know that ridiculous job posting looking for a sales person we sent out to you in April? In only a few weeks, we received about 400 resumes of extremely qualified, great people looking to fill the position. And half of them, the really good ones, sent in some quite witty responses to the list of qualifications.

Well, we found her. Kimberly Ruth Cavoores. The one. The female Neo. She is the Matrix. She is our token millennial Brooklyn somm. Seriously, we've been searching for years. She was brought out by the WA State Wine Commission as part of their annual Road Trip, an event that brings in the top buyers from around the US for a death march through WA wine country. While at Hedges, she got a chance to stomp some Biodynamic grapes and get a feel for Red Mountain. When we sent out this job posting in April, she immediately jumped on the opportunity. We happened to be going to New York where she was chasing her Master of Wine and somming at Cafe D' Alsace, so we arranged a meet. Three minutes into our lunch at Charlie Bird, we knew we'd found her. The female version of Christophe and Boo (no offense, Kimberly!).

She honestly loves wine on such an annoying level that she won't stop thinking or talking about it. I mean, we all love wine, but do we really need to read dissertations on the juxtapositions between heat units on Aubert de Villaine's Bouzeron south block in comparison with, and in direct counterpoint to, Aligote grown in Dr. Burklin-Wolf's test vineyards in the lower elevations of the Pfalz; and the implications of concrete's effects on both of these wine's textural tertiary components that bring out such flowery notes as lilacs, jasmine, and daisies, with hints of a rare Chinese white fern? Yes, she's a somm in the most serious sense, and we're looking forward to Kimberly jumping in with ideas of her own for our wine and for the estate.

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Coming out of BU, she decided to squander her expensive degree and chase restaurant life. The wine bug was a leech sucking the desire for cubicle work out of her. She worked for James Beard chefs Jamie Bisonnette and Ken Oringer at Toro, Coppa Enoteca, and Uni Sashimi Bar in Boston. Moving to NY, she worked for Paul Grieco at Terroir Wine Bar and Hearth where she did indeed fall in love with wines made in ways and with varietals that most of us will never know. She then went on to run the list at Cafe D' Alsace on the Upper East Side.

As of Monday, she moved from Brooklyn with her three bags and a box of really good wine to the estate on Red Mountain in Benton City, Washington. #RedMountainCultureShock She now lives in the Hedges ranch house, and a golf cart is her only means of transportation. Kimberly will soon add to her many tattoos the red triangles of both Red Mountain and Delta Airlines, and she will be traveling North America peddling our fine juice. Please take a moment to reach out to and warn her of what she's getting into. We're truly honored to have her.  

Check out our Q&A with Kimberly:

Do you like sports?
Does it involve a bottle of rosé?

What do you do on Saturday morning?
Check my uber history and my bank account. Then drink a pot of coffee

Aside from our Red Mountain Le Blanc, what is your island wine?
Domaine Abbittuci Gris Imperial Rosé

Aside from our Demeter-certified Biodynamic La Haute Cuvee, what is your wine for space shuttle travel?
Is there anyone else in the space shuttle and do I have to share?

Besides Red Mountain, what is your favorite wine region?  

If you had to go somewhere that didn’t have vineyards, where would you go?
Most people don't know Corsica has vineyards, so can I still go there?

Why Hedges?
Because I get to hang out with Christophe and Boo. 

What are your hobbies other than studying Red Mountain soil types?
Booking hotels, reading British wine literature, and drinking wine

Why do you like tattoos?
Because I love to tell people not to ask me about them

How do you feel about screw caps?
Who's asking?

What’s the last book you read?
Oxford Companion to Wine 

Do you want to be a master of wine?
I just took the WSET diploma exam so ask me again in a year

If you could make any wine in the world not having to do with Red Mountain, what would it be?
Honestly, I prefer drinking it

What is your favorite planet?

What is your favorite element?

Do you watch TV?
I haven't had a TV in 4 years 

What drives you crazy about Brooklyn?
I love Brooklyn 

Who is your favorite wine personality?
Paul Grieco 

Why would you want to work with Christophe and Boo?'
Who wouldn't? 

And here's the infamous job posting:

JOB POSTING We are looking for a full-time salesperson willing to relocate to Red Mountain (or surrounding Tri-Cities area OR possibly Seattle). He/she will report to Boo Walker (Sales and Marketing Manager) and Christophe Hedges (General Manager) and assist in growing sales throughout the country. 

Expect heavy travel throughout the US, presenting at sales meetings and working with and entertaining wine reps and other trade professionals. As working for any family business goes, when you are not traveling, you will assist in all things marketing, entertaining, cooking, washing dishes, etc. He/she will also get the opportunity to be involved in international sales as opportunities arise.

The ideal candidate is looking for a long term (read:lifetime) position, has some sommelier or other wine trade experience, a deep passion for terroir, above-average computer/tech experience-writing skills, social media, Excel, marketing, knowledge or willingness to learn graphics programs (don't worry-as little PowerPoint as possible), and most importantly, astounding charm and charisma at the lunch and dinner table. 

Other optional professional qualifications/considerations: 

- an unhealthy desire to collect La Quinta points but deep down you know you're a Four Seasons person 

- a Delta tattoo on right thigh 

- fluency in dead languages such as Latin 

- top level renter at Thrifty 

- an obsession with British wine writing 

- have not worked out for 3-plus years 

- minimum $6000 credit limit on Diner's Club 

- your favorite bar is the Delta lounge 

- your greatest goal in life is achieving Diamond status on Delta 

- you have a unique ability to drive the ball just short of your clients on the golf course every time  

- a ride with (work with) psychology degree preferred 

- an odd desire to donate all of your Delta miles to your superiors 

- strange yet beautiful hobbies 

- proficient Blackberry phone user 

- willingness to have name changed if your superiors see the need 

- ability to wear Bluetooth headset in public  

- desire to run a marathon just so you can overeat 

- a deep passion for consumer events 

- the ability to make even the most angry buyer love you 

- if applicable, a spouse and children who love to see you walk out the door 

- a love of long, long lunches that often turn into dinner 

- a disgust for the corporate, the cliché, the average 

- Badminton skills of Bruce Lee 

- highlight of your life is a grocery chain tasting with a buyer in a mop closet drinking out of dixie cups