2019 CMS Sauvignon Blanc - $14 (Club $11.20)

2019 CMS Chardonnay - $17 (Club $13.60)

2018 CMS Red - $14 (Club $11.20)

2018 CMS Cabernet Sauvignon - $17 (Club $13.60)


(Non – Refundable)


2017 HFE Blend - $30 (Club $24)

2018 HFE Blend - $30 (Club $24)

2017 HFE Cabernet Sauvignon - $40 (Club $32)


2017 Goedhart Family Syrah - $40 (Club $32)

2017 DLD Syrah - $40 (Club $32)

2017 Hedges Bio Syrah - $40 (Club $32)


2015 DLD Syrah –$40 Club $32)

2019 Le Blanc – $38 (Club $30.40)

2020 Le Rosé – $22 (Club $17.60)

(Bottle only available for Purchase by Club Members)

100% of flight price will be refunded if you join the Wine Club!

53511 N Sunset Road / Benton City, WA 99320 / 509.588.3155 /

2017 HFE Blend

Black fruits, dark chocolate, vanilla, cumin, cedar dust, butterscotch and dried herbs. Lush chocolate custard with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger and licorice. Full, rich, lush with gorgeous fruit and spice notes. Long silky finish with flavors of blackberry, black pepper and touch of vanilla. This wine has a classic Hedges style with a modern touch, very enjoyable now and will age for years to come.

2018 HFE Blend

Earthy, cocoa, anise, cassis and a hint of dried herbs and cola. There is a refreshing hint of brine, menthol and floral perfume with a touch of vanilla. A soft entry of flavorful black fruits, cola, and licorice leads into a full mid-palate and very long supple finish.

2017 HFE Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark red garnet color. Complex aromatics of intense black
fruits, with toast, mixed spice, cedar, tar, a touch of graphite and a hint of vanilla. Lush, yet structured character on the palate. This wine has a long finish, just when you think it’s gone a little surprise flavor
and bite shows up at the end. A pleasantly serious Cabernet Sauvignon that reveals itself slowly with each sip.

2017 Goedhart Syrah

Bright blueberry and cranberry fruit with hints of earthy pomegranate. There is a bit of funk to this wine, which adds to its rich aromatic complexity. Hints of peppermint, eucalyptus, cocoa, sour cherry meld with interesting notes of pine resin and, dried thyme and vanilla. Soft on the palate with bright acidity and a long-drawn-out finish with flavors of cranberry sauce, vanilla, cinnamon bark and a touch of smoke. This Syrah should be savored over a few hours as it keeps changing in the glass and continues to bring different aromatics the longer is sits.

2017 DLD Syrah

Classic characters of red tart fruits, blueberry pancakes, black pepper, fresh ground cumin seed, and hint of vanilla, dark cocoa powder and chili powder. The entry is tart with a lot of fruit and spice flavors. There is a slight explosion on the mid-palate which leads to a smooth and creamy finish. This Syrah has a rugged elegance to it. Slightly savage, yet beautiful.

2017 Hedges Bio Syrah

Spice, earth, smoke and fruit. There is a nice mix of pomegranate, huckleberry, blueberry and tart candy along with a touch of S’mores and just lit bonfire. There is a meaty, chocolate component that adds to the complexity of aromatics in this wine. Soft and tart on the entry almost fools you into thinking this is a light wine, but the full-bodied mid-palate and long spicy finish create a rich elegance that is desirable. This is a fun sipping wine that undergoes a lot of changes during the time it sits in the glass.

2015 DLD Syrah

The flavors of cinnamon, slight vanilla custard and chocolate truffle are a nice balance to the underlying gamey character. This wine is lush yet has a nice acidity to pair with it. There is richness with finesse and it really grabs your attention throughout the long smooth finish.

2019 DLD Le Blanc

Golden straw color. Fresh peaches, honeysuckle, mixed citrus zest and a touch of almond croissant and vanilla. Tart and lush, full of sweet fresh fruit, apricot jam, toasted almonds and a mineral backbone, this wine is both refreshing and fulfilling. Light enough to sip on the patio, yet bold enough to pair with a flavorful meal.

2020 Le Rosé

Beautiful coral and dark watermelon color. Hints of passionfruit, guava, creamy strawberry and a bit of juicy cherry. There is a touch of fresh spice and slightly briny olive on the palate mixed with freshly picked tropical fruits. The body is light, with a touch of tart fruits, spice and a hint of citrus zest.

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