Change Wine Life

“If you do not change direction, you might end up where you are heading.”

~Lao Tzu.

As every year comes to a close, we tend to evaluate the ups and downs, not only with our own lives, but also as a business. The goal as we move forward with life is to hopefully grow from each and every decision we’ve made, every reaction we’ve had and the way we’ve responded to things in and out of our control. Change can be exciting, exhilarating, fun and also scary, but it is usually necessary to achieve bigger and better things with each year that passes. At Hedges Family Estate we are constantly evaluating how we operate, especially the past couple of years. What are we doing? Why are we here? These are two big questions we ask ourselves quite often. We have made some decisions this year that will allow us to evolve and grow in all areas of our business and we are excited to bring those to you next year.

We are changing the way we manage our farming by diving deeper into the health of the land through more regenerative farming practices and more attention to detail in areas like soil health, vine health and the most important piece of our unique farming climate, water. We are bringing in some knowledge from seasoned farmers to help us evaluate every step we take in the vineyard, while also bringing more biodynamic practices to life. Science, history and the spirit of nature will combine to take our vines, and our wines to another level.

As we grow more on the farming side, we have also added a new member to the team that is all things gardening and animals! She has worked around the country learning from both large and small gardening and farming operations and she is bringing that knowledge to us! With the addition of cover crops, compost systems, crop and animal rotation we will see the garden bloom to life like never before! We have made a commitment to the land and to providing quality products to our customers. We will be one step closer to fulfilling that commitment with more dedicated and passionate people on our team.

There is nothing quite like the combination of food, wine, friends and the beauty of Red Mountain. With more quality produce and livestock on the horizon we had to evaluate what we wanted from our food program. Fresh from our farm and other local farms was the number one priority for the food we wanted to put on your table next to a glass of our wine. We happened to meet the right person for the job and she will be heading up our food program next year. Our new chef has worked around the world and will bring with her years of training and her love of food and her philosophy of fresh, clean dishes and zero waste in the kitchen. We will be able to provide more meals right here at the Chateau using what the local land has to offer.

Change is never easy, but we continue to embrace it with open arms and open minds.