Red Mountain Recipe Series - Farm Fresh Butter by Wayne Didier

Waynes Butter

Farm Fresh Butter

  • Ingredients & Materials
    • 24oz Heavy Cream
      • Fresh and local if you can get it!
      • Amount can vary based on how much butter you want
    • 1L of ice water
      • For butter washing
    • 2 – bowls
    • 1 – strainer
    • Food Processor, blender, or Kitchen-Aid
    • (Optional) salt, chopped herbs, and/or spices
  • Instructions
    • Pour heavy cream into food processor. Start food processor.
    • When butter fat starts to clump and separate from the liquid (that liquid is buttermilk yo!) turn off the food processor.
      • The time for this will vary with the amount of heavy cream being used
      • Took roughly 6mins for the 24oz of cream used in video.
    • Once separated, strain the liquid (aka sweet, sweet buttermilk) into a bowl and place the butter fat into another bowl.
    • Pour a thin layer of ice water on butter fat and knead for a minute or so.
      • Pour off cloudy water and repeat this process until water runs clear.
    • Once water runs clear pat the butter dry w/paper towel.
    • (Optional) Add salt if desired. Salt may extract more water – beware!! (It’s not a problem but you may need to dry again later)
    • (Optional) You can also add your favorite herbs and/or spices to make different flavor compound butters.
    • Form butter as desired.
      • Store fresh in the fridge for up to 1 week or place in freezer for up to 6 months if air tight and wrapped properly

Click Here for a YouTube Video