Red Mountain Recipe Series - Qué PUNCH! by Moniker

Moniker Wood

Qué PUNCH! by Moniker

Ingredients: 2017 Hedges Estate Syrah 2 oz

Hampen Estate Rum 1 oz

Plantation Dark Rum 0.5 oz

Maple syrup (grade A) 0.5 oz

Lemon juice 1 oz

Orange juice 0.75 oz

Allspice dram (Scant) 0.25 oz

Glass: Red wine glass

Garnish: Blood Orange wheel

Directions: Combine ingredients in boston shaker

Fill small side of shaker ⅔ full with ice cubes

Vigorously shake 15 - 20 seconds until condensation builds on shaker

Double strain (Hawthorne strainer + conical strainer) to prepared glass

Garnish with blood orange wheel (dehydrate at 200F for 2 hours for extra fancy presentation!)

Note: This recipe can be scaled up to serve in shareable format. Make sure to still split ingredients in batches and shake with ice to achieve proper dilution and aeration. We find you can fit about a 3x recipe in a standard Boston shaker at a time.